Izvora hotel complex

Izvora Hotel complex is situated in the centre of Arbanassi. Built completely in the traditional style of Arbanassi, the hotel perfectly combines an old building with history of 150 years and a newbuilt architectural edifice.

Izvora Hotel complex offers its guests a traditional restaurant with 2 winter and one summer garden, safe parking, an open-door swimming pool, Spa centre, an open-air children's playground and a mini zoo.

In the complex is situated the National Community Center "Ilarion Dragostinov", which is in fact a specific tourist attraction with its cultural history of over 300 years.

The village of Arbanassi is settled in close proximity with the medieval capital Veliko Turnovo. Established at the end of the 15th century by orthodox Greeks, Albanians and Makedonian Bulgarians the village gets to its glory in the 17th century.

Because of its unique fascination, architectural monuments and idiosyncrasy of the climate in 1921 by means of a royal decree the village of Arbanassi is proclaimed a resort in 2000 for a "historical village" of national significance.

All the buildings with over 300-years history are preserved in their authentic style and boast with their unique architecture, woodcarving and art plaster ornaments.
5 churches and 2 monasteries, built and decorated with murals and icons at the end of the 16th at the beginning of the 17th century, have been preserved in Arbanassi.